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Did your future quit yesterday?

Are you running a front job?

What forms of representation affect your daily life?

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Everyone I have Ever Slept With, 1965-1995 “The contemporary artist is a stand-in for capital...she is neither a wage labourer nor an entrepreneur: she risks herself.” 
The Surplus in Being ”...beneath the layers of CGI that are the human condition, one begins to sense Kant’s nightmare of pure reason” 

Rules of the Game “For Machiavelli’s Prince to rule he had to first invent it by bypassing the feudal states and com- manding the people. Likewise, one might find it necessary to undermine the existing institutional establishment – fragmented, in crisis, and internally divided – in order to ‘andare drieto alla ver- ita effettuale della cosa’ (to go directly to the truth of the matter).” 

Point Break
“Perhaps a more efficient definition of Accelerationism might be something like this: it’s possible to use the master’s tools to dismantle the master’s house provided one masters those tools herself.”

Intelligent Designs: Art in the Age of Synthetic Reproduction ”...pure, unadulterated Modernism — evidence of how well contemporary artists are positioned to manufacture dystopia and liquidate it like capital. “
This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Surviving the Last Brucennial ”Behind the Last Brucennial was the death of an avant-garde. In its place was something slow and hard moving that the Italian feminists called autocoscienza...

Alien vs. Pretaporter: On Women’s History Museum
“Xenocouture divests its historical representations in order to re-invest, perilously, in anti-static time.”

The Moon in Review
“It appears that each scientific revolution that succeeded in eliminating a bit more the mysticism of the moon fell prey to a greater portion of its illusion.”

Square Root
“Black magic and cryptoeconomics on one axis; institutional resources and surplus populations on the other.”

Art After Work
“A drawback to working in the attention economy is that it zaps your memory. So I’ve taken to doing phone interviews from the back seat of Ubers.”

The Safeword is Post-Studio Practice
“Sex work can’t be represented, but it can be exchanged with representation which is why it’s illegal to launder money but not work.” 

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