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The Surplus in Being
tracey emin, princess diana, 1990’s, confessionalism, merlin carpenter, star trek

The Surplus in Being sophie friedman-pappas, alyssa davis gallery, kant, octagon, aqnb, joe riley, audrey snyder, michael heizer, fresh kills, land art
Rules of the Game art market, cultural economics, magnus resch, quantifying success and reputation in art (science magazine, 2018), spike art magazine #68
Point Break
1972 olympic games, 2014, accelerationism, rineke djikstra, marian goodman gallery, spike art magazine #67
Intelligent Designs: Art in the Age of Synthetic Reproduction alexandra ginsberg, a parede, bioethics, fannie sosa, gregg bordowitz, grow magazine, mary kelly, oron catts, sean raspet, suzanne anker, ionat zurr
This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Surviving the Last Brucennial 2014, BHQF, exhibition history, post-post-feminism, Christen Clifford, Lucy Liu, Danielle Ho, spike art magazine #66, vito schnabel
Alien vs. Pretaporter: On Women’s History Museum
aesthetics, alienation, amy ireland, fashion, novelty, post-covide, spike art magazine #64, xenopunk
The Moon in Review
apollo mission, exhibition review, land art, metropolitan museum of art, spike art magazine #61
Square Root
devin kenny, exhibition review, MoMA PS1, spike art magazine #61
Art After Work
2010’s, art activism, art history with labor, drake, platform economy, personal essay, spike art magazine #62
The Safeword is Post-Studio Practice
leigh ledare, micaela carolan,  reba maybury, post-internet, spike art magazine #60