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N .Y. Bienniale. Bleeker Park, NY. Group show curated by Dean Kissick, with Jacky Flowers, Matt Hilvers, Precious Okoyomon, Amalia Ulman, Campbell Carolan, Aria Dean, Paige K.B., Sven Loven, Torey Thornton.

Social Photography VIII. Carriage Trade, NY. Group show curated by Kai Matsumiya, with Ruthie Abel, Dennis Adams, Peggy Ahwesh, Anthony Allen, Michele Araujo, Michael Ashkin, Mengfan Bai , Perry Bard, Agnes Barley, Jordan Barse [...]


NAFTA Miami, Miami Basel/Montez Press Radio. First performed during Miami Basel, 2018 and performed live as a radio play in 2019 starring Samuel Ashford, Dean Kissick, Ala Deghan, James Shaeffer, Pujan Karambeigi, Micaela Carolan (understudy).


Other Side of History, Columbia University. Action staged at the Columbia University Graduate Student Protests exactly 50 years after May 1968.


Alt-D Future Development, NY. Curated by Alli Miller.


HAMSTERMACHINE. 13th St. Reperatory Theatre, NY. For Conflict Situations/Situational Conflict Performance Festival, 13th Street Repertory Theater, New York, NY; curated by Nick Faust, ACT UP

Memory Room. Outpost Artists Resources, NY. Group show curated by Andrew Ross, with Victoria Campbell, Milo Carney, Micaela Carolan, Kyla Chevrier, Pamela Council, Ala Dehghan, Don Edler, Devin Kenny, Katie Loselle, Brandon Ndife, Kayode Ojo, Slinko

Body Anxiety, Internet. Group show curated by Jennifer Chan and Leah Schrager, with Andrea Crespo, Saoirse Wall, Victoria Campbell, Endam Nihan, Aurorae Parker, Mary Bond, RAFiA Santana, Ann Hirsch, Nancy Leticia, Georges Jacotey, Erika Alexander, Hannah Black, Randon Rosenbohm, Rachel Rabbit White, Faith Holland, Kate Durbin, Angela Washko, Leah Schrager, Marie Karlberg, Alexandra Marzella, May Waver

Under the Seams Runs the Pain. BHQFU, NY. Group show curated by Chloe Rossetti, with Amy Beecher
Laura Bernstein, Allison Brainard, Bruce High Quality, Victoria Campbell, Micaela Carolan, Jenny Drumgool, Amanda Hunt, Ariel Jackson, Kenya Johnson, Aaron Kuhn, Nandi Loaf, Jayson Musson

The Last Brucennial. Vito Schnabel, NY.
Group show curated by The Bruce High Quality Foundation, with Ida Applebroog, Ilssa Co-operators, Marina Abramovic, Rachel B. Abrams, Marina Adams, Denise Adler, Beatrice Adler-Bolton, Shireen Ahmed [...]