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Other Side of History
CU Student-Teacher Strikes May 1 - 5 2018. 
Columbia University, 2018

Fifty years after 1968, Campbell Carolan produced a line of custom protest aprons for the United Auto Worker’s Union Graduate Student Teacher, staging a fashion show on the picketline.

Garments in the collection of the Columbia University Library.
Photography by Campbell Carolan.



:"...struggle for workers rights... which will have been a struggle for the transformation of labor itself [in the context of reproduction, which teachers *are* & in the "last instance"] I... therefore waged...not waged...never having had, before now, formally negotiated...here determine the subject of exchange... in the Ivy League labor struggle we... question... the daddy issues behind all of it...  we based this look on the experiences of women in the academic community...meaning the length of time it takes to produce academic research, its impact on the body and on life decisions, and the cultural environment of the Ivy League."