Victoria Campbell (b. >1989, satx) Contributing editor @ Spike Art Magazineart double. See Trick 17 [de] in German, Trick 77 in Swiss German, kikka kolmonen (Trick 3) in Finnish, 'n boer maak 'n plan in Afrikaans,[12][self-published source?] to hack it in English, desenrascanço in European Portuguese, se virar in Brazilian Portuguese, Jugaad in Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi,[13] jua kali in Swahili,[14] diskarte in Tagalog[15] and article 15 in Congolese. For services adaptable to situation, contact  French. ︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎ NAFTA: Contemporary @ ‘Merde!’ Alyssa Davis Gallery Gala, May 26th 2022. Tickets still available! Baitball 02 Time Zone: EDT Closest City: New York


COURSE HISTORY 2009 - 2016

A series of performative lectures by Beatrice Gross. 

In the lineage of Robert Morris’s 1964 performance entitled 21.3 where the artist lip-synched a film of art historian Erwin Panofsky’s 1939 lecture, this series presents a selection of contemporary performance-lectures concerned with the dramatization of knowledge and its dissemination. So far, Edifying has featured performative works by Ellie Ga, Pablo Helguera, Christine Rebet, and collaborative Slavs and Tatars. For further information, please visit: Contact:

Haley Mellin

Recess usually happens during the in-between time. Interest in the ambiguous, the immediate, and fortbuilding. For further information contact

Sarina Basta, Simone Leigh, and Karin Schneider.

Cobraclass is a multi-part program that considers aesthetic principles and philosophies relating to deskilling, repetition, excess, mimicry, censured gestures, fragmentation and ritual. The main goal of this open structure is to nourish the terrain for an event. The project will involve group work with clay, actions and films, bringing together a series of seemingly un-related concepts and ideas. The duration of the bulk of the event itself can be undetermined like a Lacanian session. It could result in a series of sculptures and a film. How the end result could be made public should be discussed by the participants before and after the end of the interactive session. For more information, contact

DEMATERIALIZE! (Beyond the Zero)
Stephen Wuensch. Held at RECESS, 41 Grand St.

A one-night event exploring the role of human behavior in the construction of meaning in art. This collaborative performance will attempt to replicate an early study on human behavior. The experiment brings together the work of John Watson, Thomas Pynchon and Barnett Newman to establish a theory of behavioral relations. By examining the structure of behavior we can foster an understanding of our own internal order. The event builds on an online investigation that considers behavior modification as a form of social sculpture. The project was initiated by Stephen Wuensch.

Brad Troemel

Chat Room is an invitation and application-based, 3-month long, 12 class course that focuses on one topic a week relevant to contemporary art and/or media theory through readings and discussion. The course is limited to 25 conversational participants, though there is plenty of room for people to audit as well. Chat Room takes place IRL in NYC. Every class will feature a guest participant related to that class’s topic of the week and in many cases the required reading of that week will be written by the guest. Chat Room will be a chance to host and refine a conversation in physical space that is already occurring, albeit through passive viewership and ‘Likes’ on Facebook.

Classes will last two hours with a 10 minute break halfway between. Conversations will be lightly moderated to insure no one person or issue monopolizes discussion. Every invitee will be asked to contribute one work (an art project, image series, essay, etc.) in response to a topic discussed in class that will be included in a journal by and about the course at the end of the semester. The journal will feature essays, quotes, reproduced readings, and contributions from invitees.

Jan 27: Rob Horning on his essay Hi Haters!
February 3: Lev Manovich: Image Processing, Image Now, Media After Software
February 10: David Joselit
February 17: Daniel Quiles
February 14: Kenneth Goldsmith
March 3: Mckenzie Wark
March 11 (Monday class): Hito Steyerl
March 17: Break
March 24: Andrea Fraser
March 31: TBA
April 7: John Kelsey
April 14: Boris Groys
April 21: Seth Price

The 25 participants pay $100, with $5 refunded at the end of the semester for every class attended. This means participants who fully attend the course will pay a total of $40 for the three month course. Auditors pay $120 to attend, totaling $10.00 per class. Money accrued goes towards the weekly guests and the end of semester journal produced.

SHOW AND TELL (a Sculpture Forum)
Elizabeth Jaeger

Aily Nash & Andrew Norman Wilson

David Salle

Joe Kay

THEY CAN’T KILL US ALL (Conversations on Education)
Joe Riley, Casey Gollan, Victoria Sobel

Alexander Seth Cameron (taught on campus at Cooper Union)

Ana Cecilia Alvarez & Victoria Campbell


Application questionnaire (David Salle)

David Salle’s ‘Writing on Art’ (Student Assignments)


**BYOU (**minutes)

Nick Land Reading Group Drive

Color Feelings Group Drive

Misc. Readings

Art Hist w Value Questions.pdf

SX-ED is centered on the means by which we give and receive pleasure and the ways in which we understand intimacy. Additional Course Material via Computer Lab’s Library.