Victoria Campbell

Lives and works New York. See also: Campbell Carolan, Spike Art Magazine

Free cooper union

2020 N .Y. Bienniale. Bleeker Park. Curated by Dean Kissick. NY
2020 Social Photography VIII. Carriage Trade. NY[...]

︎“Point Break,” An accelerationist portrait of Rineke Djikstra’s
Gym School, as seen from Marian Goodman Gallery in 2014.

︎“Art in the Age of Synthetic Reproduction,” SynBio’s art historical genesis. 

Ethereum Summer Hackathon, “Implementation of the Projansky-Sieglaub Deal on the EVM” 3rd place winner. With Patrick Steadman. 

Dreampanel. Vanessa Place, Victoria Campbell, Athina Karatzogianni,  Andrew Fremont-Smith,Bret Schneider, Marco Aurelio Torres and Grant Tyler. Moderated by Laurie Rojas for Caesura (Berlin)

On the Politics of the Commons. Conversation with Fiona Duncan for Hard to Read, Montez Press Radio.

Sinders, Caroline. (2018) How to Make Research-driven Art The Creative Independent. Retrieved June 19, 2021

“The Art & Sex Edition” Kaleidoscope Magaizine, Issue #25 (Fall). November 2015. pp. 75-84.