Fifty years after 1968, Campbell Carolan produced a line of custom protest aprons for the United Auto Worker’s Union Graduate Student Teacher, staging a fashion show on the picketline. 

The formal decisions for this project were based on a few things: 

  • that the form of the struggle for workers rights in any domain reflects the suppression and realization of the transformation of labor itself (aprons were donated by Rebecca’s Bar, thanks Rebecca!)

  • our speculations on who subject of negotiations in the ivy league labor struggle actually is and the daddy issues behind it all

  • the aestheticization of the picket line on the part of the union (ours was necessarily a punk approach)

  • the cultural environment of the ivy league & its impact on the body and on life decisions

  • the legacy of student protest (years on the aprons represent turning points in the alliance between the working class and student movements, from 1956 in Budapest to 2018)